Beautiful food starts with beautiful cooking

Surround yourself with family and friends, making memories. Enhance those moments with special spices, uniquely stunning cutting boards and serving platters as well as add warmth by lighting the candles in beautiful holders. All items on our website are handmade by Blue Flame Goods and we always ship for free!

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Cowboy Rub

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Great beef is better with this wonderful spice blend by Blue Flame Goods added the day before or 20 minutes prior grilling or cooking.  Your steaks, burgers and other cuts of beef will turn out savory and satisfying.  We have customers who use this beef spice rub every time they grill steaks. Trust us.... try it at least once. There is no going back once you do. FREE SHIPPING. 


Design your moments

Entertaining is part of making moments magical. Be it with family, friends, or those you want to know better, you set the stage. Master your own rules and then learn to break them if needed. Be curious, sensuous, reflective, intelligent, gracious, confident and humorous in life and cooking. While we believe entertaining is important, the most important thing you can learn is to be alone with yourself. All these moments in time can be memorable.

Our hope is that you will find things in our offerings to enjoy while alone as well as surrounded by others.

We are a small family owned and run business with a passion for using items in our everyday life that bring us joy. We want that for you as well.

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Coming soon ...

Custom tealight holders. One of kind made from limestone, granite and cement. Watch as Steve designs new items for you to enjoy.

limestone tealight holder custom